Pine Floor Filling Slivers 100 pieces 1 m long


  • 100 pieces per pack
  • 1 metre long
  • choice of 6mm, 8mm and MIX packs
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Pine Floor Filling Slivers 100 pieces per pack, 1 metre long. Choice of 6mm thick, 8mm thick Slivers. Mixed packs of 50/50 6mm and 8mm slivers also available.

Filling gaps in your old pine floors have never been easier!

  1. Make sure that gaps are free of any dust or dirt
  2. Apply wood adhesive on both sides of a sliver
  3. Insert it in a gap and tap it with a hammer until it sits firmly
  4. Cut away excess of the sliver
  5. Sand over filled area for even and smooth finish

Our slivers are made of European larch wood, which actually is a much better match for old pine floorboards than slivers made from new or even reclaimed pine. Larch is also harder than pine, making it much better suited for hammering into gaps between floorboards. Our slivers are also designed specifically for filling floorboard gaps. Their height allows them to penetrate gaps fully without reaching floorboard joists.

fill gaps in floorboards

Every woodworker knows how important wood moisture content is. We make sure our slivers are dry enough to be suitable for use straight away. New pine slivers, and even ones made of old pine, have too high moisture content which results in shrinkage later on. Such slivers would shrink over time and fall  through gaps, defeating the whole point of using wooden gap filling. Larch wood naturally has lower moisture content than pine. Our larch slivers will not shrink with time. They will retain their original shape and size.

pine slivers moisture content

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 x 20 x 20 cm

6mm, 8mm, Mixed pack


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