Fill Gaps in Floorboards Permanently

Ask any wood flooring professional about floorboard gaps and they will tell you that they use Pine Slivers For Gap Filling. And that’s perfectly fine, that’s tried and tested, however it can be done so much better!

Pine Slivers For Gap Filling

For years now people used pine slivers for gap filling. The method is simple. You apply wood adhesive on both sides of a sliver, put in in a gap, tap it in with a mallet. Once the glue is dry, you remove excess of gap filler and your floor is ready for sanding. 

This method works very well but it’s actually better to use larch wood slivers rather than pine ones. Our larch slivers are much harder and less brittle, which makes them much more suitable for the job. They penetrate gaps very well without breaking and once they are in they don’t shrink over time. When using pine slivers for gap filling, they are too brittle to be hammered in deep into gaps. Also, since pine is a very soft species, it is prone to shrinkage over the years, which defeats the purpose of gap filling. That’s why although filling gap slivers is the right way of doing it, you should use harder wood species than pine.

Why Larch Slivers?

Our larch wood slivers are superior to pine ones for a number of reasons. When you use larch wood slivers, their colour does match old pine floorboards much better than new or even reclaimed pine. On top of that, you don’t have larch wood slivers shrinking in your gaps over time. This wood is very resistant to changing humidity and temperature. It does not shrink or expand over different seasons of the year too. 


pine slivers for gap filling

Pine floor filled with larch wood slivers – colour match is perfect.


pine slivers for gap filling

Comparison of our larch wood slivers and slivers made of new or reclaimed pine.


You can see that although it’s pine you’re filling, it’s not always best to use the same wood species for filling. Since it’s old pine we are dealing with it’s best to use larch. It is darker and harder which makes it much more suitable for the job.