How do I fill gaps in floorboards?

To fill gaps in floorboards follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that gaps are free of any dust and dirt.
  2. Apply wood adhesive on both sides of a sliver.
  3. Insert the sliver in a gap and tap it in with a hammer until it sits firmly.
  4. Cut away excess of the sliver.
  5. Sand over filled area for even and smooth finish
Can I fill gaps narrower than 6mm wide?
Yes, you can. Since one side of a sliver is sharp (narrows down to 0mm), you can insert it in very narrow gaps too.
Can I fill gaps wider than 8mm wide?
In many cases yes, you can. You would have to insert two 6mm slivers into a gap together next to each other to create a thicker wedge.
I filled gaps betwen boards and slivers stick out above floorboard level. What Do I do?
That’s perfectly normal. Since hardly ever gaps are exactly 6mm or 8mm, some of a sliver will be raised. The excess should be removed using a chisel of a cutting power tool. 
Will the slivers stay in gaps permanently?

Filling gaps between floorboards using this method is considered permanent. Please make sure that you follow all the guidlines. If in doubt, use a qualified professional.

Do I have to sand my floor after using slivers?

It is a stanard practice to fill gaps between floorboards using slivers before sanding a floor down to achieve the best results. It is still possible to use slivers without re-sanding when insulating floors before carpeting for example.

Will the slivers stop draught from underneath my floor?

Yes, if done properly, our slivers will stop cold air entering from underneath floorboards.